Saturday, 2 August 2008

The Cribs @ Water Rats, 03/03/2007

The Cribs + Comanechi @ Water Rats, King's Cross
3rd March 2007

The Water Rats Theatre is a hidden gem in the wastelands of King’s Cross, its tiny back room ‘stage’ providing the perfect location for the Jarman family collective to make their London comeback. The Cribs are supported by a bleeding-ears racket in the shape of fierce girl/boy duo Comanechi, who are one of the finest bands on the roster at White Heat Records. Their set-up most resembles The White Stripes, with Akiko on drums and Simon on a guitar that even Steve Vai might find a little outrĂ©, except these kids grew up on Dead Kennedys instead of Lonnie Donegan.

Debuting songs from their upcoming third album, The Cribs rip through a typically blistering set with more joyous sing-along moments than Mary Poppins. The new material is a return to the simpler style of their debut, the neat riffs and chopped guitars revealing the influence of producer Alex Kapranos, who makes an appearance near the bar to nod approvingly. There’s nothing as immediate as ‘Hey Scenesters!’ here, but it’s obvious that the brothers have found their stride as purveyors of finely-crafted sprightly punk ditties. The night finally collapses in a messy stage invasion and drunken bruises, as every Cribs must.

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