Saturday, 2 August 2008

The Cribs live at the Forum, 17th October 2007

The Cribs + Bobby Conn + Jakobinarina @ The Forum
17th October 2007

Entering to the glorious lycra-pop of Whitney’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’, the Jarmans run off their usual spiel about being “The Cribs frum Wehkfield” and launch into eighty minutes of blistering punk ditties for a crowd who look like they’ve never heard music before, let alone music this good. Though there really are a lot of songs that have that trademark “oh oh oh-oh” bit in it, and though their shows do always culminate in nakedness, stage-diving and human blood, they’re still more rock’n’roll than your band, so shove it. Ryan’s rant at Glastonbury about the “mainstream attitude of most indie bands” would indicate that they’re happy to have a loyal fanbase of mentalists while remaining unknown to the world of London Lite readers. That is, until he wooed Kate Nash. Is the mainstream ready for Wakefield?

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