Wednesday, 26 January 2011

'Ordinary Things': The mutant garage beast grows and grows

XXXY, a producer from Manchester, makes the kind of warm'n'glitchy future garage that so brazenly appeals to my senses, as if he's hooked me up to some electrode brain scanning contraption that measures the exact pitches, frequencies, chopped beats and head-nod-ability that I'm genetically programmed to vibe off.

'Ordinary Things' is apparently the b-side to his track 'You Always Start It', already sold out on the Ten Thousand Yen label, but I marginally prefer it to the main event - it's not the most original or groundbreaking of tracks, but somehow it ticks all the boxes to become the quintessential sound of this microgenre. Not that it's formulaic by any means - you'd have to be a chronic neophile to believe that this sound has reached such a tipping point - but it goes where you want it to go, propelled on by a gently modulating chord progression and some seriously funky breaks towards the end.

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